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Okay, let’s do this blog thing for real this time.  I’ve tried in the past but I was reaching to write about what I didn’t know.  So this blog will be about whatever I happen to experience as I make my way through the world, not just one single topic.  Right now I find myself a happily married, homeowner with a fantastic dog, Daisy.  My husband, Dave is a pretty cool guy with a pretty cool job.  I’m sure you’ll hear me whine about said job from time to time but it really is awesome and one of those things “a million people would kill for.”  Alas, this blog is not about his job!

So where am I in life right now?  Well, I’m wrapping up my Master’s in Emergency Management and working part-time at a church and holding down an Emergency Management internship at the same time.  Dave travels frequently, which is a blessing and a curse, depending upon my workload.  We were married in April of 2013 and it’s been a wild and crazy two years.  Now you’re probably wondering, “when will they have kids?!”  Stay tuned folks, with God’s blessing, we hope to have a child sometime next year.  We’ll see what actually happens!

We are currently in the process of renovating our kitchen (read: eating every meal out) and we’ve officially hit the “this is cool but it will be much better when it’s finished!”  We are trying to save money and hold a budget of $5,000 for this reno, which includes new cabinets, under cabinet lighting, new floors, new granite countertop and under-counter sink, new flooring and a new backsplash.  So far we’re on track with our budget but I’m sure we’ll go over a bit when we hire a plumber to replumb for the new sink and an electrician to hardwire the undercabinet lighting.  It’s all for the resale value, people!  If I keep telling myself that, it’ll be okay, right?  Anyway, here are some pictures of the progress we’ve made so far.  We’re doing everything ourselves with the exception of the plumbing and electrical.  Let’s keep it to code, shall we?


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