I miss cooking…

Okay things are getting a bit dire around our place.  Eating out every lunch and dinner for two weeks is not my cup of tea.  I can’t wait to get my dueling crockpots going again and restock the freezer!  It’s amazing how good sleep, good food and plenty of water affect your mood, too.  My husband and I started out pretty strong on this kitchen project but it’s really hard to put that last stinking ceiling cabinet in!  He was called in to work this weekend, which we are used to.  However, we got lazy and figured we’d have this weekend to finish some things up.  Rookie mistake, for sure!  So now his phone isn’t working, he’s got a million of things to do at work, and we have to hang that last cabinet before the plumber comes on Saturday.  We also need to get the last base cabinets in after the plumber but before the countertop people come in to measure on Monday, and oh, we’re going to see his grandma (maybe) for the last time soon :-/  So here’s the point where I step up and become the rock and try to keep everything on track.  I plan to record what my husband wants the plumber to do on a video on my phone because let’s face it…I don’t speak PVC.  In the meantime…I shall lose myself pinning yummy meals that will taste that much better when I have a shiny new kitchen to prepare them in, right?

The calm before the storm
The calm before the storm

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