Pittsburgh and beyond

This past week, Dave and I went to see his grandma, who lives just outside of Pittsburgh.  She’s 95, facing breast cancer for a second time and recently had a minor heart attack.  His family moved her into a nursing home a couple of months ago, so we figured we better giddy on up there before we had to wait a lifetime to see her again.

The day we left, Dave, the plumber, and our friend Tom were busily wrapping up the cabinets and replumbing the sink, while I worked.  They finished everything around 3pm and we scooted off to the airport around 5pm.  Talk about a close call!  Our connection in BWI was delayed and we arrived in Pittsburgh after midnight, finally settling into bed around 2am.  The next morning we were up at 9:30am to go see Grandma.  We “broke her out of jail” and took her to another nursing home to have lunch with her brother, Bill.  This was my first time meeting him, they were so hilarious together!

That night we fired up the firepit and made smores, which we proceeded to do for the next two nights, as well.  Dave and I definitely did not pack appropriately for the 50-70 degree temperature range but our winter clothes were already stored away for Florida’s eternal summer and we weren’t about to step away from the cabinets in search of a sensible wardrobe!

Friday, we had family and friends over for a cookout and got to see our recently engaged friends, Jeff and Trina (hi guys!).  They asked Dave to be a groomsman and we locked in their wedding date, can’t wait!!  It’s in the fall of next year so I will be absolutely sure to find the winter clothes for that trip 😉

Saturday we broke grandma out again and took her up to a Fourth of July pool party at her daughter’s house.  We took her wheelchair off-roading and plopped her down at the water’s edge so she could play with the babies and get some sun.  On the way back, Dave rolled over his own foot with the wheelchair and almost tipped Grandma over, ha!  We dropped Grandma off at the nursing home, which was heartbreaking.  On the way home, we caught various fireworks along the Pennsylvania Turnpike and set up another fire in the backyard 🙂

Sunday was a sleep in and relax kind of day.  Dave got an email that he had to potentially fly the next day but fortunately his team could work it out so we didn’t have to try to come home early and sit standby all afternoon.  This was greatly appreciated since this was a last minute trip that we normally wouldn’t plan during the busiest season for these guys.  We are fortunate that he flies with some great people that really try to help each other out when it comes to family time.

We’re slowly recovering from the trip…it was a doozy but we got a lot of good quality time in with family members we haven’t seen since Christmas and some we haven’t seen in years.  The countertop people came in to measure Monday, so we should have a granite countertop in about a week and a half.  For now, I’m rocking a fabulous plywood countertop and I was able to make my first home cooked meal in about three weeks, huzzah!

Dog tired
Dog tired
Tucker's selfie
Tucker’s selfie
That face!
That face!
Abby and I snuggling
Abby and I snuggling
Vinni the Vizsla!
Vinni the Vizsla!
Grandma and Uncle Bill doin' what they do!
Grandma and Uncle Bill doin’ what they do!
All cabinets are finally installed.
All cabinets are finally installed.
Rita's on the 4th
Rita’s on the 4th
Off-roading with Grandma!
Off-roading with Grandma! Thanks to cousin Amanda for this pic!

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