On the road to Sanibel!   Daisy can't wait for the dog beach!
On the road to Sanibel! Daisy can’t wait for the dog beach!
Dave and I don’t really have traditions yet.  We actually planned our wedding to occur before the busy season kicks up for him at work so we have a better chance of having anniversaries together.  We also do our own thing for Thanksgiving.  No crazy traveling like Christmas, just the two of us, the dog, maybe a few friends and family members, a whole lotta food and Black Friday shopping (not before 10pm, though, let the retail employees have dinner, please).  We’ve also been pretty fortunate to have our birthdays, Halloweens, and Christmases together.  However, we don’t plan on these things coming together, and subsequently, don’t really plan on traditions.

After last summer, we spent Labor Day on Sanibel Island, FL.  If you haven’t heard of Sanibel, it’s known for its unique and vast seashells (a rarity through most of the Gulf of Mexico beaches) and a laid back atmosphere.  We don’t really care about seashells but we definitely love the laid back thing.  We took a chance and booked this past weekend back in February.  We figured a hurricane would come and we’d have to cancel but we lucked out!  It rained all weekend at home, so it was the perfect weekend to get away, even though it rained quite a bit in Sanibel, too.  Who cares, we were there to chill out and take the dog swimming, which is exactly what we did. I apologize because I couldn’t take that many pictures due to the continual rain. We managed a few hours at the dog beach, some great meals out, outlet shopping, and a hike and drive through Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

P.S. Kitchen update: countertops, sink, and faucet all go in tomorrow!!  I’m hoping to get the plumber out to hook everything up and reinstall the dishwasher depending on the granite company’s arrival/departure but that may have to wait until after work on Thursday…bottom line: MOMMA’S BACK IN BUSINESS, Y’ALL!!  I will post the recipes after I make them but I’m planning on some crockpot pulled pork, crockpot chicken enchilada soup and homemade peach ice cream.  Game on!

Sleepy pup after a couple of hours in the water and a 2.5 mile hike.
Sleepy pup after a couple of hours in the water and a 2.5 mile hike.  Dave was fishing, so she took advantage of a comfy seat.

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