Stitch Fix #5

Okay so this is the first Stitch Fix for my blog but my fifth.  I think I have the old photos from a couple of fixes archived so maybe I will play catch up but for now, this is what I have!  If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, it’s awesome if you’re like me.  I hate to shop, especially for myself.  I’m much happier using Amazon to buy everything and when I do buy clothes online, they generally don’t fit right and returns are a hassle so I just throw the item into my closet and deal with it.  Stitch Fix allows you to fill out a profile with your sizing and personal style preferences.  This may sound complicated but they make it really easy.  Trust me.  I would have given up on it if it was too difficult.  So, you fill out your profile and you can write your stylist a note before each fix to catch them up on styles you love and certain items you’d really like to receive and if there was something you disliked about your last fix.  You also have the opportunity to link a Pinterest board to your profile so your stylist can get visual cues of what you’re currently digging.

Style card and note from stylist!
Style card and note from stylist!

So, you schedule your fix, your stylist sends it to you in a sweet little box with a personal note and some style cards to provide you with ideas of how to wear each of the five pieces you receive.  Try ‘em on, snap some pictures and you have three days to figure out what you want to keep.  Check out online and send what you don’t want back to your stylist by placing the items into a prepaid shipping bag.  Each fix requires a $20 styling fee but that is credited to anything you buy.  So, it’s in your best interest to buy at least one item.  Without further ado, here we go:

1st Item:  Addison Striped Knit Cardigan


What I liked/disliked:  Very soft material and it will coordinate well with the rest of my wardrobe.  I asked for some nautical pieces in this fix and this met that request.

Kept or Returned:  KEPT

2nd Item: Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee


What I liked/disliked: Super comfy!  Definitely meets my more casual style and could be dressed up with a fun necklace.

Kept or Returned:  Returned.  This “t-shirt” was made out of great fabric, thus making the price too high to justify keeping.

3rd Item: Russell Front Tie Knit Tank


What I liked/disliked:  The material was great, nice and soft.  However, this made me feel like I was back in elementary school.  This would probably look better on someone more petite that has a lot of red accessories in their wardrobe.

Kept or Returned:  Returned

4th Item:  Kyleigh Straight Leg Jeans (in picture above)

What I liked/disliked:  I’m all set on jeans so I was hesitant to even try these one.  They cost at least double what I usually pay for jeans but I did it for the blog!  They fit well and they were comfy but I wasn’t in love and didn’t actually need them.

Kept or Returned:  Returned

5th Item:  Olive Kalvyn Cargo Shorts


What I liked/disliked:  Oh my goodness.  So comfortable!  I considered keeping them because they’re made out of GREAT fabric and would go well with my wardrobe.  I even considered paying the moderately high price that they require because of that great fabric.  However, they were pretty loose and likely a size too big since I could pull them out about three inches from where they fell on my hips.  Too bad :-/

Kept or Returned:  Returned

So there you have it.  If you want to give Stitch Fix a try yourself, click here: Full disclosure: I was not compensated by Stitch Fix to provide this review but I do get $25 off my next fix if you sign up and order a fix using the above code. I also wrote this blog to give my stylist a more in depth review of my July fix.


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