Dreading this semester

  Once again I find myself in a conundrum!  I have to take my final required course for my master’s this fall and it’s with the same professor I had my first graduate level class with.  That said, we will read a ton of books, get out of class late and probably not have any in-class tests, just papers to write.  Okay, fair enough.  There is the issue of comps, though.  If you don’t know what comps are, they’re comprehensive exams and right now I feel like they’re the devil.  I have to take three written comps based on classes I’ve taken throughout my time in grad school and one oral comp, based on the class I take this fall.  For the written comps, I’m locked in a room for two hours and fifteen minutes with no reference materials and have to generate a coherent and preferably intelligent five page paper.

Now, when I think about this logically, it’s no big deal.  I know the first comp is based on eight books, three of which, I’ve already read or at least studied for class.  The second comp is based on a book I’ve read already and a scientific article that’s about ten pages long.  Okay no big deal.  Also the oral comp shouldn’t be the worst thing ever, as long as I get the reading done ahead of classes and show up prepared to engage in conversation/debate during class time and review old material along the way.  So yes, logically, I’ve totally got this!  However, when I let anxiety get the best of me, it’s *ohmygoshimsofarbehind* and *ijustwanttoplayonpinterestallday* and *whycantijustnetflixinstead*.  Le sigh.

Realistically, I’m not behind.  I’ve already loosely reviewed the books for my first comp.  I have to go back through and try to extract some more content to write about, which really isn’t a big deal! (Can you tell I’m still trying to convince myself of the truth?) My last class starts on Tuesday and fortunately I’ve had this professor before and I know that I just have to take notes along the way as I’m reading but still try to read efficiently.  Finally, I have to drink water (and coffee), eat well, be active, sleep well, and remember to take a break every now and then and binge watch Netflix so I don’t freak out (it happens at least once a semester, no matter how hard I try to ignore it!).  I’m trying to keep my eyes on the prize and actually take it day by day this semester.  This isn’t an inherent skill for me because I like to plan way far ahead!  I can’t do that this time around and not drive myself completely crazy!  This will be interesting 🙂

Sidenote: kitchen is almost completely finished!  I will post more pictures when it is!  Right now, we just have to get the electrician in to install under cabinet lighting and then pop some trim pieces on and this project is a wrap!


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