I should get frequent chauffeur miles

I honestly think the airlines should offer some sort of “freqent drop-off/parking/pick-up” benefits.  Now of course, this is completely ridiculous and just my sarcastic way of indicating that I perform a lot of drop-offs and pick-ups between Dave’s frequent and sometimes extended (but sometimes brief) travel and family flying in and out.  Since the new year, I’ve been to an airport 6 times and I’m considering tracking how much I go this year 🙂  Those of you that fly for business have me beat by a long shot but listen folks, I generally don’t do the traveling here!  In an effort to save the taxpayers money and spend 20 more minutes together each way, we forego the easy yet overpriced taxi fees and voila!  Leigh’s taxi service!  Yes, you’re welcome and yes, I’m thankful for that extra time.

Maybe this is just my desperate cry to travel more myself!  Yep, I think that’s it.  For two years I woke up on a ship that typically provided a different “view from my office” every day.  At the time, I couldn’t wait for terra firma so I could put down roots for the first time in my life since age 18 (mostly to get a dog) instead of bouncing between states and countries constantly.  Now I’m getting itchy from the day to day work/grad school/home shuffle.  My friend and fellow adventurer, Jeff, always warned me about that growing up thing!!  Too bad I don’t trust the airlines with transporting the pup through various climates!

Happy Wednesday folks, thanks for dealing with my travel fever!  Don’t worry, there’s a trip lined up in April, huzzah!




4 thoughts on “I should get frequent chauffeur miles

  1. Do you get flight perks through your hubby? Unfortunately I don’t but I dream of non-revving one day if we ever make the move to the airlines! As a fellow travel lover I think it’s funny and a little ironic we married pilots! I travel vicariously through him but I definitely feel jealous sometimes (especially when he was in Switzerland last week!)

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    1. Not flight perks but hotel perks! He’s not a charter or airline pilot so I have to wait for him to rack up frequent flyer miles but I usually accomplish more with my Southwest card than he does flying commercial lol. He’s gone half of the year, though and doesn’t always fly commercial but always stays in a hotel!


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