2006 vs. 2016

Yay!  Fun post!  I got this idea from Heather at Bake.Create.Love. go see her!  Heather, we haven’t met but I think you’ll notice some similarities from my post.  Let’s get Chipotle.  This post recaps how I’ve changed or stayed the same in the last ten years.  Enjoy 🙂

Fast Food: 

2006: Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s (still my go-to when we’re stuck in the car for 13 hour road trips) or three Soft Taco Supremes from Taco Bell.  Both were way too close to campus (undoubtedly intentional) and Taco Bell was within walking distance to my apartment.  It was too easy.

2016: Chipotle or Panera.  If I could eat Chipotle every day, I would.  However, that whole balanced diet thing makes me go to Panera on the off chance that I don’t bring my lunch to work and need to pick up something to take back to work.

Favorite Food:

2006: Nachos!

2016: Nachos!  This may be one of those foods that I never outgrow.  I say this because there are so many different varieties of nachos but my favorite type (of all time so far) is typically found at the mid-range mexican restaurants.  Not Taco Bell and not the fancy “gourmet Mexican” which some people refer to as “authentic Mexican” yea whatever-it’s a big country, don’t forget that regional cooking styles exist, people.  No, the nachos I love are from the mid-range mexican restaurants typically found near college campuses (El Cerro Grande in Wilmington, NC for my Seahawks!) and the suburbs.  This is my friend, Hannah.  Hannah understands my love for good Mexican.  Be like Hannah.



2006: French toast.  Back then, I could (and would) carb all day.  Nom nom.  Extra strawberries, whipped cream, and syrup please.  Sheesh.

2016: Sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit.  This can be homemade, fast food, or at a nice brunch.  I’ll eat them all.


2006: I was in my first long distance relationship and the longest lasting relationship (until I married Dave, of course) with someone I met in high school.

2016: Dave and I are getting ready to celebrate our 3rd anniversary.  Whaaaat?!?  Love that guy.


Age/Life Status:

2006: 19 years old, in a long-distance relationship and well into the spring semester of my freshman year of college.  I had figured out the whole college thing at that point, made the dumbest mistakes I would make in those three and a half years and I was on the up and up by that point!  Looking back, I wasn’t all that dumb but relatively speaking, I could have been smarter.  Mom, thanks for raising me to not be a complete moron when I moved out, love ya bunches!  Back then, I did things like this with my cousin and BFFFFFF, Casey.  We both went to UNCW and 2006 was the first year of that mayhem.  I’m on the right.



2016: 29 years old, staring down the barrel of my thirties.  I’m wrapping up grad school, due to graduate in May.  I’ve had the job a million people would kill for and walked away from it in the name of love.  Sounds cinematic but it is actually true.  The last three years have translated into an extended time of transition for me and that will extend a bit longer as we move forward as a married couple with a house and a fur baby.  This is Berit and I at our friend, Sarah’s baby shower.  The reality of life can be overwhelmingly awesome.



2006: What is this work you speak of?  I worked my summer at a country clubs in Norfolk, VA but the first couple of years of college, I did not work while school was in session.

2016: Working full-time as a church office administrator.  I never thought I’d work somewhere like this but it’s been a huge opportunity for me to grow personally and spiritually.  To think, I used to drive a ship in Alaska and dive in the Bering Sea.  I can honestly say that I’m happier now than I was then but I will cherish those experiences.


2006: A 2005 red Ford Escape.  The one in the middle of the photo.  I gave this back to my parents when I went to sea instead of paying to ship it out to Seattle where it would sit for months on end.

2016: A 2010 red Ford Escape.  I have a problem, I know.  It is the one on the right of the picture. In my next pase of life I want an F-150 Raptor (blue), a prius (white?), a Honda Odyssey (black), a Toyota Tacoma (blue).  All the things.  Better stick with what I have for now.

The one on the left was my neighbors’.  We couldn’t resist taking this photo.


Coffee Shop of Choice:

2006: Campus coffee shop.  Food dollars people, food dollars.  The shop in the library was where I had my first caramel machiatto at the urging of my roommate and also where I had many more caramel machiattos.

2016: Caramel machiattos are still my favorite.  I haven’t found a go-to shop here yet so Starbucks fills the gap when I get bored with coffee at home.


2006: As a college student on a strict budget I was always hunting for deals: Target, Forever 21, etc.

2016: Now I hate shopping.  If I can get it through Amazon or any other online retailer with free shipping, I love it.


2006: I just needed to be blonde.  This is my friend, Jessica.  We were buddies in high school and she’s one of the few from my class that I keep in touch with.  Thanks for being a real friend, Jess, love you so much.  And for putting up with my obnoxious blonde phase.  You rock.



2016: Red please!  I don’t have any recent photos but this is me snuggling with Peanut, my friend Hannah’s pup.  Love that dog even though the rest of the world doesn’t!



2006: My parents.

2016: Still my parents.  Seriously, these people are awesome.  My dad inspired me to chase my government/scientific dreams and my mom ran her own company full time while raising my sisters and I (we were not spaced that closely together so she was very busy for a very long time).



2006: Yep, loved the girly beach reads but I had a tender spot for the classics.  I bought the Barnes & Noble classics because let’s face it, I was a broke college student.

2016: I’ve neglected my reading.  Grad school kind of takes the fun of reading away.  I’m hoping I will bounce back when I finish this last stinking paper!  I have a lovely stack of books just waiting for me to want them back.  Elin Hilderbrand has bridged the gap by providing easy to read beach books that are more adult nowadays 🙂


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