The last couple of weeks

Recap on Isaac’s Baby Shower, Easter, grad school wrap up, a LOT of hockey, and other fun.

I threw my first baby shower in March for our friends, Wilson & Jenna, who are expecting a son named Isaac around April 20, 2016!  We did a Star Wars themed shower using a ton of examples from Pinterest.  I intended to make all of the food from scratch but this time I let Costco do most of the heavy lifting.  My original plan was stifled by putting the finishing touches on the first draft of my paper, which I have since turned in and I’m now waiting for my professor to decide if he wants me to revise it further and attempt to publish it.  So yes, Costco to the rescue!  I had an epic fail by not actually taking pictures DURING the shower but I can truly blame the guests who weren’t running around like crazy, right?  Ha!  Fortunately, I did snap some photos before everyone showed up.

Easter 2016!  Every year our church has a Sonrise Service (ha, get it?) in downtown St. Pete at one of the parks on the water.  We love it because we can worship first thing in the morning, head back to church to enjoy the Easter Brunch, and then enjoy the rest of the day.  This Easter weekend we hammocked, kayaked around Weedon Island, and grabbed lunch at The Getaway finally!  We had the Tortuga Nachos and Stuffed Jalapeno, both of which were insanely good!

Hockey, oh my goodness, hockey.  This year we bought the 20 ticket flex pack from the Tampa Bay Lightning but with Dave’s travel schedule and the clusters of home vs. away games that would jive with his schedule, we had to book the last five home games in order to use the rest of our tickets.  The games all fell into the same week, so we are exhausted but still incredibly blessed and happy that we are able to have such a luxury.  Below are a few pix from the last week:

Needless to say, we’re a bit worn out!  We have a week to catch up on rest and then there’s another adventure in store!


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