I did it! Now what?

Yesterday I received a Master’s degree.  Classes and exams are over.  Most of the writing is over.  I’m still hoping to publish a condensed version of my final paper in an academic journal or field-specific magazine.  I’m incredibly thankful for my husband, parents, friends, family, and professors for helping me get through this.  Even if it was just to listen to me whine about leaving work at the end of the day to go home and slug down a cup of coffee and continue working for a few more hours.  If you listened to this, you helped me.  Thank you.

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When I come to transitions ilke this, I like to take a step back and really consider my next steps.  I evaluate what I’ve accomplished and what I’ve struggled with.  Now is the time to celebrate the achievements and find the path forward.

The main focus right now: health improvements.  School does funny things to me.  The caffeine intake increases.  Consequently, the wine/beer intake increases to help me get to sleep after that 4pm cup of joe.  Most importantly, the excuses bubble up and the workouts take a hiatus.

New goals:

  1. Return to 5 workouts/week.  This can come in the form of yoga, walking the dog, running, T25, swimming, gym, etc.  No excuses, get it done FIVE times/week.  Now that I’ve graduated, it’s time to actually pay for a gym membership again, unfortunately!
  2. 8 hrs of sleep.  Maintaining a consistent bedtime is the most effective way to accomplish this.  I prefer to get to bed early (10-10:30ish so that 6:30-7am wake-up call isn’t quite so irritating in the morning).
  3. Packing lunches.  I’m not a huge fan of “down to the very last ingredient” meal-planning for dinners.  I generally prefer to cook a large quantity on Sunday that will get us through at least half of the week or can be easily frozen if we know it won’t be eaten by the end of the week.  Our lifestyle is not predictable enough to make elaborate meals every night: I never know when Dave will have to leave in the middle of the week for some last minute operations so meal planning usually means wasted food.  I can control what I eat for lunch, though, and I can make smaller meals (4 servings) a couple of times a week for dinners.
  4. More water, less everything else.  Again, no excuses.

These may seem simple and they are!  Why on earth would I possibly want to complicate something so basic?


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