Patience, Padawan

There are so many unknowns right now; we’re stuck in limbo!  As an aviation family, we always experience change and actually embrace it.  I’m a planner by nature so I really have to try to convince myself to forget about the possibility of more changes for now.  But they’re just so fun, gosh darn it!

It’s transition time and the “what now” question surfaces daily.  Yes, I finished my Master’s.  Yes, I’m happy it’s finished.  No, I don’t have any major life alterations “planned” but I’m certainly open to possibilities, as always.

Patience.  It’s my word for 2016.  I chose this word before I even knew about the possible changes that could or could not happen within the next year.  Funny, that!  So the answer to your questions: we’re currently in a holding pattern. 

Fortunately the Tampa Bay Lightning made it to the playoffs again.  Help me, TBL, you’re my only hope.  Here’s a picture of the watch party we went to last Friday. Go Bolts!


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