Bathroom Reno Underway!

So our master bathroom has haunted me every day since we bought the house almost three years ago.  Memorial Day weekend, I couldn’t take it anymore and started ripping the black and white tiles off the wall.  This past weekend, I continued removing the pink and beige tiles.  Generally, you can use a utility knife to score a line along the edge of the tile and the wall to prevent the tile from ripping paint off the wall.  Then, use a small pry bar to find a side or corner of a tile to wedge the pry bar between the tile and wall.  Start by lightly tapping the end of the pry bar to drive the pry bar down further and bed the pry bar forward to pop the tile off.  The black and white tiles popped off easily but I had to break most of the beige and pink tiles.  Fine by me!  The black and white tiles could possibly be used for a future project but the beige and pink tile pieces found a special place in the trash can.1381629_10100552075393686_696725220_n-2

Really.  Black, white, pink, and beige.  Not sure who thought that was a good idea but all that remains is the black and white tile floor (which will stay) and the shower until Dave gets back and we can gang up on the beige and pink shower and pink countertop.

Ideally, we will keep as much as we can from the original bathroom to save money without compromising the design we have in mind!  Stay tuned for the after pictures!



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