Bathroom reno continues

When Dave came home, we continued a #DemoDay assault on our master bathroom.  We weren’t sure what to do about the shower floor (could we salvage it?) so we broke down and hired a contractor.  He helped us remove the shower floor & concrete shower pan, installed a new shower pan, new Hardie backerboard waterproof shower walls, applied a waterproofing agent (the red stuff) to the seams in the backerboard and laid a new tile floor.

Bathroom before pic:


Bathroom after my initial attack


Found some water damage due to an incorrectly installed shower pan, time to take this puppy to the studs:


Hardie cement backerboard installed on the walls, new shower pan and tile floor installed, red waterproofing material applied to backerboard seams and holes from screws


Since then, Dave’s patched some dry wall and formulated a plan to tile the shower walls.  We’d love to just have a contractor do it all and get it over and done with but we can’t afford to take time off of work (he’s too busy and I would literally go unpaid) and most of the contractors we talk to are booked through the summer.  His family arrives in a couple of weeks so DIY it is!  This should be interesting.

In other news, our kitchen now has undercabinet lighting.  Yay Dave!  We had trouble with this a few months ago, because we tried to put dimmable LED lights on a dimmer switch.  Too much dimming action turns your kitchen into a disco, not a well-lit working space.  Anyway, these puppies can be manually dimmed by reaching into the cabinet and adjusting the dimmer and flipped on and off using the wall switch.  Works for me!


Oh Happy Day!!!


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