Bathroom Reno Update: Shower Complete-ish

The shower is mostly complete, moving on to the vanity!!

Shower before:13502966_10101579463774136_3807647853248117340_o

Shower after!  These long tiles were extremely obnoxious to lay FYI.  They tend to bow in the middle, making it difficult for OCD people such as ourselves to be satisfied with how they adhere to the wall.  Also, they require no more than a 33% offset pattern, so we went with a 6 inch offset.  The tiles themselves are 6in x 24in.


We still plan to get a clear glass shower door and probably update the water knob but for now, we’re totally happy that we saved ourselves $2,000 in handyman labor costs by installing the wall tiles ourselves!

Now for the vanity…this happened earlier this week.  Although I was very careful and patient with removing those backsplash tiles, my dear husband decided to just take the drywall off anyway.  Stay tuned 😉




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