Funny Questions

My husband is a professional pilot.  That said, I often encounter quite a few questions regarding our lifestyle.  Here are some examples but please bear in mind that these are my opinions and do not attempt to impose on the opinions of other pilot wives’ views:

1.  Do you worry about him while he’s flying?

No.  I was trained by the same agency to drive a ship.  I know the safety standards he is held to by his employer, the FAA, and himself.  He’s been a pilot for about ten years now, so flying a plane is as routine for him as driving a car is for you.

2. How do you deal with him being away from home so long?

I wake up in the morning, get dressed, brush my teeth, go to work, come home, take care of the dog, talk to him on the phone if possible, take a shower, go to bed.  Wash, rinse, repeat, just like you.  I used to go to sea for 9 months a year, so if I had stayed in, I’d be the one that was gone more!

3. Do you ever get tired of burning the home fires alone?

To live this lifestyle successfully, I have to be fiercely independent.  I think the more appropriate question here is whether or not my husband gets tired of my “it’s handled” or “I’ve got it” responses when something comes up at home.  I’m happy to report that my parents raised me to anticipate problems/solutions, figure stuff out on my own, and make decisions quickly when needed.  And I have a dog.  That last part is crucial to my happiness and sanity. 

4. When he’s home, what does he do all day?

He goes to work.  He still has to work a desk job Monday-Friday like most employed adults.  If he only flew a plane, he’d only work half the year.  Sounds kind of boring…



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