It is well with my soul

Have you ever experienced the perfect wedding?  I’m not talking the best flowers, hairstyles, and flawless make up. I’m not talking horse drawn carriages and glass slippers. I’m talking the wedding where you leave at the end of the night and your heart is truly full of joy for the newlyweds.

Dave and I had the honor of attending the wedding of our dear friends, Jeff and Trina, who I’ve mentioned here before. Jeff and Dave went to high school together and the four of us always have a blast together so we were very excited when they got engaged and even more excited when we found out the wedding would be in the guys’ hometown.  Yay for being able to see family in addition to attending the wedding!


A couple of years ago, a sweet little profile picture appeared on Jeff’s Facebook page. We immediately grabbed our phones and proceeded to grill Jeff about the cute girl in the Pirates shirt. Who was she?  Would she eventually break our buddy’s heart or was she the one we prayed he would find?  A few months later we found out for ourselves that she’s truly the best person he could have run across. They make each other better and brighten every room they enter. Their love for God first and then each other is admirable; a principle most couples never realize.

The photo that caused the telephonic interrogation!

We knew Dave would be in the wedding shortly after they got engaged but I was blown away when they asked me to be their day-of coordinator. At first I was apprehensive: I enjoyed the idea of simply being a wedding guest. However, I jumped at the opportunity, knowing that it takes guts for anyone to trust one of the best days of their lives to another person.

A gaggle of Geech (and adopted Geech)…you have to know us in real life to get this one 🙂

There were some hiccups: how many seconds after the audio starts should the Jeff and the pastor walk out?  Oh snap, I need to hide the bride from not only the groom but the wedding guests, too!  Quick, hide in this office with 6 other people.  Why are the guests walking through our staging space, dang it!  Divert, divert!

Fortunately, the problems seemed to fix themselves with the help of Jeff and Trina’s vendors, friends, and family. We got them down the aisle and married and it looked pretty darn good if I do say so myself. It is well with my soul.


Photo by Jenna Hidinger Photography


Venue: Cranberry Highlands Golf Course

Photography: Jenna Hidinger Photography

Videography: Jonathan Ryan Films

Flowers: The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers

DJ: Zini Productions

Transportation: Urso Bus

Equipment Rentals: Elegant Chair Cover Designs



One thought on “It is well with my soul

  1. This is beautiful, Leigh! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!! So glad you guys were able to be such n important part of our day!!!😘


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