Because you never know…

Our class!

…when your life will change for the better.  Life has a funny way of presenting some amazing (terrifying) opportunities. My wish for you is that you are never afraid to take that chance. It’s so intimidating but did you ever think about what could happen if you did take the ultimate leap of faith?  How amazing could your life be if you conquered that fear and continually sought out the what ifs?  

Rozar Lodge: these rooms were more like mini hotel rooms set up in a suite style

I was recently presented with the opportunity to go to Camp Blanding, a Florida National Guard post, for eleven days with a group of Emergency Management strangers. I knew one person in the class (my insanely awesome and entertaining carpool buddy/coworker, Ian). The rest were complete strangers and let’s face it, we aren’t the most approachable bunch.  Some of us have intimidating degrees and letters after our names, some of us have so much experience that those degrees seem to pale in comparison.  I pity the human or disaster that has to cross our path! 
One does not simply “plan” an EM party!

Although we initially thought about turning around before we got to training, I’m really happy that Ian and I stuck to our guns and continued on through the gates of Camp Blanding. We weren’t completely sure what to expect but came out on the other side with some fantastic memories, greater confidence in our roles as emergency managers, and some incredible new friends that will hopefully hold a unique and incredibly important spot in our work and personal lives forever. We learned to confidently cross a 4″x 4″ on a shakey stand and a sketchy rope bridge with the help of plans A-C (maybe plans D and E, too) and our team. We learned to facilitate and present group ideas and presentations to our peers, and to achieve the greatest accomplishment an emergency management coordinator can do: support his/her peers in times of crisis or just for fun. This group was incredible; I can’t wait to watch everyone’s progress.  Thank you for being an integral part of my EM career. 

Do not leave your phone unattended around the “20 somethings” lol. Hi Nick.
We survived! Photo courtesy of Ian, carpool buddy 4 life.
Thank you, Camp Blanding. Hope to see you in March!
Photo courtesy of Nick, thanks shiny new friend 😊


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