We do this too well…

I’m really starting to think my family does funerals and memorials too well.  I hate/love to say that I attended two of these services  in the last month with Dave’s grandma passing in early November and my aunt passing away in early December.  Both losses were incredibly sad and somewhat unexpected but the take home message of this post is that our families were able to get together to celebrate the lives of those we lost and to catch up on our own stories.  Both trips reaffirmed how much we miss our families and friends and helped inspire my 2017 resolution to make an effort to keep in touch with friends and family better. img_6601

The cross on the top of the hill where we laid Grandma Kathleen to rest.  Beautiful day for a beautiful woman, loving wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.  Her legacy lives on in this wild, crazy, and fiercely loyal family.


This is my best friend from college, Blaire, and her sweet, snuggly, new baby, Lillian.  Like 6 weeks new, people.  This photo looks like we’re driving with the baby out of the car seat but I assure you, we were at a rest stop outside of Columbia, SC.


Home sweet home: Carolina (always) on my mind.


Lillian and I having a very serious conversation while her momma finally made her own pit stop!


Remember Casey?  Here she is meeting Lillian for the first time, too.  Blaire, Casey, and I all went to college together so it wasn’t new for the three of us to cram into a hotel room but adding a 6 week old brought on a new element of intrigue!  The first night there, we learned that Lillian likes to grunt in her sleep, so Casey ran out to Wal-Mart at precisely 1:40pm to grab some ear plugs for us (not Blaire…that would be child neglect or something).


We had to put the glasses on the baby…yep, had to.


A view of the Beach Road from Bobby’s cottage.


Love this beach.  So many good childhood memories from the Outer Banks.  It was great to go back in the off-season, which was always my favorite time of year to go.  Away from the tourists, away from the noise, the perfect place to get centered and refocus on goals and relationships.


Love these girls so much.  Just missing Emma but we reunited with her the next day at my aunt’s memorial service.


Leaving the beach.  I even have incredible memories of bouncing over this bridge in my dad’s Bronco.  I can’t wait to go back.



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