Gluten-Free Christmas 2016

This post is long overdue (and not all about a gluten-free meal) but I’m forcing myself to take a break from packing for our move.  This Christmas was weird and awesome.  I say this because it was the first and only Christmas we had in our own house.  We had a hunch this summer that the hangar would move where it is going and that we’d have to leave our sweet starter home so we regretfully told our families that we couldn’t make it to North Carolina and Pittsburgh this year but they were welcome to join us for Christmas in the sand.  We thought for sure they wouldn’t be able to make it but oh boy, did they show up!  My parents drove down from Carolina with Kona and spent the week of Christmas with us and our friends’ dog, Lexi.  Dave’s sister came down from Pittsburgh, too.  She has Celiac’s Disease so the gluten-free lifestyle is a must for her.  This was an extra challenge but one I appreciate.  It forced me to search Pinterest for healthier meals that didn’t involve gluten or at least forced me to figure out a way to modify the original recipes.  All of the recipes below are gluten-free or can easily be modified with the substitution of corn starch.

We surely tested the limits of our house with five adults and three dogs.  It was loud, it was busy, it tasted delicious, and  it was awesome.  I wouldn’t mind repeating it but maybe with a little more space for each of us next time!

Christmas Eve service at church.
Easily my favorite picture of my dad after he won a Chick-fil-a gift card during the oven mitt game
Mom won, too! Chick-fil-a all around!
The calm before the storm of gift wrap and tissue paper
New “Holly Jolly” placemats. I wasn’t sure how the black would turn out but I think they’re pretty unique.
Oh hey Lexi! And no, this picture isn’t turned incorrectly haha.
Kona bean!
Mmmm Christmas Sangria

Recipe from The Blissful Balance

The gluten-free feast (except for the rolls)! This was much easier to prepare than my Thanksgiving menu. I may have to revamp that to make my life easier!
Christmas ham, good job, Dave!

Recipe from

Bacon cranberry almond green beans

Recipe from Mom Endeavors

Cheesy scalloped potatoes

Recipe from Yellow Bliss Road

Vanilla Bourbon Cranberry Sauce…omg

Recipe from Far From Normal

I loved the gold and silver tree this year.
It took me three years but I finally assembled these garlands to put over our front windows.  I really hope they fit in well at our new place because they really tied the decorations together this year!

Dave’s parents came down for New Year’s week.  We went to a Lightning game on NYE and oh yea, I have photographic evidence of them rocking some Bolts gear.  I consider this my greatest accomplishment of 2016 since they’re from Pittsburgh.  What Penguins?  Now if only the Lightning could get their act together and make it to the playoffs…I digress.  We had a blast introducing them to some new restaurants, seeing the sights, and they helped us work on our landscaping.


Merry Christmas and Happy 2017!



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