Drumroll please…

After five days on the market, we accepted an offer from our one and only showing!  The offer was exactly what we planned on receiving, a bit below asking, yet appropriate for the current St. Pete real estate market.  Sadly Dave is still stuck in Savannah (this trip was supposed to be an overnight only to pick the plane up from maintenance, yet here we are a week later, waiting for him to be able to come home) so he wasn’t here to go through the hustle and bustle of keeping the house in pristine condition for showings.  I’m looking forward to keeping my toothbrush on the counter again, not going to lie!

To celebrate, Ian, Kate, and Lexi from A Tail of Two Puppies joined Daisy and I at Three Birds Tavern.  This was Kate’s first visit and wouldn’t you know it, she loved it 😉 We watched the first few minutes of the Super Bowl and headed our separate ways for the rest of the game.  P.S. I want Lady Gaga’s boots.

The squirrel focus was strong with these two.


So, now it’s time to find somewhere to live!  House hunting will happen this Saturday/Sunday.  I’m really hoping Dave is back for that so I don’t have the added pressure of trying to find a place that will work for all three of us without his direct input.  We’re also anticipating the home inspection happening later this week.  Here we go!!


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