The Last Month

The last month was rough.  We coordinated the third move since we were married not even four years ago.  Selling the house was a bit more depressing than we initially thought it would be.  It was nice to walk away away from closing with a healthy profit but we spent the majority of our three and a half years in that house working hard to transform the 90s interior into something more transitional.

To add to the stress, I was rear-ended on the way home a couple of weeks ago.  I almost made it through the 1-1 1/2 hour commute (each way) unscathed but alas, the Cherry Bomb (my car) fell victim to an overtired nursing student and her “falling banana.”  Pretty sure that’s code for “I was texting, please don’t give me a giant ticket.”  She got the ticket, a smashed radiator, and a higher insurance rate.  The first thing I thought after I realized she hit me was, “oh no, I need my car this weekend to move.”  The bumper took a bit of a beating but I was able to use the Cherry Bomb’s cargo space to move the fragile items I didn’t trust the movers with.

Now that the move is over we’re looking forward to exploring our new area.  My commute is pretty dreamy at a cool 35 minutes each way now and Dave’s isn’t too much more, depending on traffic.  Our rental house leaves a bit to be desired but maybe we’re just picky after babying our own house.  It’s hard to look at sloppy renovations and not think, “seriously, a kitchen renovation isn’t that hard!”  The neighborhood is much nicer than what we had and the proximity to the interstate will shave off an hour from our drives back to the Carolinas to visit my family.  St. Pete still holds many sweet memories for us so it’ll be interesting to go back to see it grow and evolve, too.




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