Our Wedding…four years later

Four years ago I married my own personal superhero.  On a partly cloudy 74 degree April day in North Carolina we gathered our friends and family for a simple lakeside service at Celebrations at Lake Gaston.  Dave and his groomsmen drove his dad’s boat across the lake to arrive for the ceremony.  Unfortunately, there was some water in the fuel line so their 15 minute ride took closer to an hour, allowing for some relaxation time before the ceremony once the initial freak out and troubleshooting happened.  Meanwhile, the girls and I got a little carried away with hair and makeup and showed up a little late to the ceremony but hey, it’s my wedding, I did what I want.

My middle and high school band teacher played the trumpet as my dad walked me down the aisle (correction: I dragged my poor pops down that hill) to meet my fiancé who stood before the pastor that baptized him as a baby.  Twenty minutes and a lost unity ceremony prop later, my shiny new husband walked me back up the aisle and we magically found moonshine, pulled out a Virginia Tech flag and the “Hokey Pokey” during the father/daughter dance, were serenaded with inappropriate toasts from my shipmates, and danced our faces off until it was time for my dad (who looked like James Bond) to drive our getaway boat.

Happy anniversary, babe!  Today we’re driving to the Florida Keys to celebrate our 4th anniversary, his 34th birthday, and to decompress from a couple of crazy months at our jobs.  Key West blog post coming soon!

Shannon Warren of Simply Devine Cakes
Elana Walker Events
Les Atkins Photography
Celebrations at Lake Gaston



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