FEPA Mid-Year

Before Dave and I got married, I lived in Panama City Beach for about a year and a half.  I had mixed emotions about returning to the place where I made a few awesome friends, had a job that was good enough for the time being but was generally a lonely place until I moved and we got married.  However, the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association (FEPA) Mid-Year aConference called and we answered.

aThree of my coworkers and I jumped in our trucks bound for the Sheraton Bay Point ResortSheraton Bay Point Resort PCB.  As Kevin and I pulled into town, I noticed that it seemed a bit sleepier than it did when I lived there.  I’m assuming this is because they banned drinking on the beach and had the subsequent spring break fallout as a result.  I also noticed the area’s made a bit more of an effort to appeal to families and professional conferences.

Overall the week was awesome.  Back home we left quite an incident that continued throughout the week (and is still going!!) and the first morning in PCB we woke up to a last minute tropical storm back in our county.  Fortunately the storm missed the county so we didn’t have to leave right then and there but we did end up coming back early on Friday to deal with that other incident.

While I was there we met up with my PCB girls, Hannah and Stacey, Hannah’s husband, Kevin, and Stacey’s dog, Buster.  It was also fun to check out some of my favorite restaurants, meet new emergency managers, and see old friends from Camp Blanding.     After weeks in the field and in training we made it a point to slow down, soak in the sunsets, bond with coworkers, and trade some EM ideas while we were there.  In the end, it was bittersweet to leave my old stomping grounds and head home.  It was an amazing and very needed week!

This room made it so difficult to get out of bed in the morning…fantastic resort!
The view from Pelican’s, the hotel’s open air dock bar that overlooks St. Andrew’s bay.
OMG…ice cream cookie sandwich with strawberries.  I can still taste it!!
Oh hey, Buster!!
He’s such a nugget, love this little guy.
Hannah and Stacey!!  Missed you girls!

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