I am not a runner.

That said, I ran a 5K this weekend.  Special thanks to my shiny new coworker, Monica, and my new buddy, Will.  You see, Will gets school credit for completing 5Ks and needed some running buddies, so Monica and I agreed to take him. We raced for the cure through downtown St. Pete.  Thankfully it was … More I am not a runner.

Patience, Padawan

There are so many unknowns right now; we’re stuck in limbo!  As an aviation family, we always experience change and actually embrace it.  I’m a planner by nature so I really have to try to convince myself to forget about the possibility of more changes for now.  But they’re just so fun, gosh darn it! … More Patience, Padawan

2006 vs. 2016

Yay!  Fun post!  I got this idea from Heather at Bake.Create.Love. go see her!  Heather, we haven’t met but I think you’ll notice some similarities from my post.  Let’s get Chipotle.  This post recaps how I’ve changed or stayed the same in the last ten years.  Enjoy 🙂 Fast Food:  2006: Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s (still … More 2006 vs. 2016

Stuff and Things

Okay, let’s do this blog thing for real this time.  I’ve tried in the past but I was reaching to write about what I didn’t know.  So this blog will be about whatever I happen to experience as I make my way through the world, not just one single topic.  Right now I find myself … More Stuff and Things