The Last Month

The last month was rough.  We coordinated the third move since we were married not even four years ago.  Selling the house was a bit more depressing than we initially thought it would be.  It was nice to walk away away from closing with a healthy profit but we spent the majority of our three … More The Last Month

I am not a runner.

That said, I ran a 5K this weekend.  Special thanks to my shiny new coworker, Monica, and my new buddy, Will.  You see, Will gets school credit for completing 5Ks and needed some running buddies, so Monica and I agreed to take him. We raced for the cure through downtown St. Pete.  Thankfully it was … More I am not a runner.

New Job

I’m happy to report that I was finally hired in my chosen career field!  Truthfully, I didn’t have to search too long since graduation in May but this career is extremely tough to find work in, so I’m incredibly blessed to be given such an opportunity.  The saying is “you have to wait for someone … More New Job